The Wilhelm Family Foundation is currently accepting grant applications for our 2019 grant cycle. The deadline to submit an application for funding is May 20, 2019.

Before submitting an application, please review all of the eligibility requirements and grant guidelines below to determine if you and your organization are eligible to apply. To submit an application for funding, you must be an official representative or staff member of a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, working in the arts and towards a mission that aligns with the work of the Wilhelm Family Foundation.


            The Foundation’s grantmaking practices focus on funding nonprofit arts organizations of all types and sizes. Our mission is to help expand artists’ access to resources by supporting organizations working to make creative expression, experimentation, public programming and discourse accessible to all people, artists and non-artists alike. By helping to secure creative sites in diverse communities around the country, we hope to expand artistic practices of all kinds, deepen community engagement, and creative collaboration, and help improve the quality of life of artists and all people.

         We believe that equality, diversity, democracy, and human and environmental welfare are fundamental components of a healthy society. We believe that self-expression and creative collaboration not only empower people to better understand themselves, but that art is a powerful tool for representing diverse voices, experiences, cultures, and opinions.

            The Foundation is interested in organizations that similarly prioritize diversity, inclusiveness, community, and freedom of speech. We’re especially interested in organizations that utilize art, their creative space, and public programming to engage diverse, marginalized, at-risk, or underserved communities of all kinds. We strive to help secure the presence and longevity of creative organizations, their spaces, creative practices, programming, and community resources, particularly in areas where gentrification has forced the displacement of artists, nonprofit art spaces, and other marginalized peoples.

            As a small Foundation, operating with a relatively limited annual funding capacity, we prioritize organizations that have not received prior funding. Prioritizing new organizations allows us to broaden our support of the ever-changing landscape that is the nonprofit art world and respond to the needs of organizations working to affect change in their communities in real time.


  • Nonprofit organizations working in the arts with current tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and which are not classified as a private foundation.
  • Organizations without nonprofit status may apply for funding through a fiscal sponsor. An application for funding, and all accompanying documentation, must come directly from the fiscal sponsor. The Foundation will consider applications utilizing fiscal sponsorship on a case-by-case basis, at the Board’s discretion, and may require further documentation regarding the partnership between the organization and its fiscal sponsor.
  • Generally, the Foundation’s grants are given to small nonprofit organizations that use their space and programming to benefit artists, as well as the communities in which they operate. We do not typically fund exhibitions or capital campaigns.
  • The majority of our grants are awarded for a one-year period. We do consider applications for multi-year funding, though projects or programs seeking funding beyond two years are not usually granted.
  • Please be aware that priority is given to organizations that have not received recent funding. 
  • Nonprofits that have received two consecutive years of funding will not be given priority for funding beyond a second year, unless a multi-year grant has been approved by the Board.
  • Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Further, the Foundation is unable to make grants to individuals or to any type of religious organization.

Grant Application Guidelines & Process

            As a small Foundation with very limited staff, we only accept and review grant applications once a year. Potential applicants that meet the Foundation’s eligibility requirements, and whose mission and work aligns with the Foundation’s goals, will be reviewed by our Board for funding the same year.

            Organizations that submit an application for funding on or before the May 20, 2019 deadline will receive a decision by August 1, 2019. Once an application has been submitted, an organization may be asked to provide further documentation, information, schedule a site visit, and/or provide further correspondence, at the Board’s discretion, before receiving a decision on their application.

              To submit an application for funding, please complete all four of the documents described below, and include all information requested. Documents should be prepared and submitted in either MS Word or PDF format. Once you’ve completed all documents, please attach all four of them in one single email. Please include both the name of your organization, and the name of your organization’s primary contact in the “Subject” line of your email (for example, “ABC Organization, Jane Does”). Once completed, please email your entire application to:

               If you prefer to submit an application via mail, or should you have any questions about your submission, or regarding the application process, please contact the Foundation’s Director, Cascade Wilhelm, for details:

Grant Application

Please complete all four documents, as described below, to submit a complete application for funding. Please do not send any additional materials with your proposal, unless you have received a specific request from the Board.

1. Proposal: 1-3 pages.

    A. Organization Overview. Please provide a description of your organization, including the following information:

• Mission statement.                                                                                           

• A brief history (including year founded).                                           

• A summary of projects, programs, initiatives, impact, outcomes, and/or goals.

     B. Proposed Grant Activity. Describe the activity for which the funds are being requested, including the following information:                 

• Proposed project’s total budget.                                                                   

• Amount of funding requested.                                                                     

• Proposed project timeline.                                                                             

• Intended purpose of proposed project & title (if applicable).                 

• Scope of work, including all activities pertinent to this request.           

• Status of funds raised to date.                                                               

2. A copy of your organization’s most recent IRS 990 filing, and/or your organization’s most recent audited, or unaudited, financial statement.

3. A copy of the organization’s 501(c)3 ruling from the IRS.

4. Contact Information. Please provide the following information:

     A. Organization’s General Information                                                

• Organization’s name.                                                                                       

• Organization’s legal name, if different from above. Or, if applicable, please enter your fiscal sponsor organization’s name.                             

• Organization’s (or fiscal sponsor’s) Federal Tax ID or EIN.                     

• Organization’s complete mailing address: Street number & name, City, State, and Zip Code.

• Organization’s website address.

• Organization’s most recent annual operating budget.

     B. Application’s Primary Contact Information                                      

• First & Last name.                                                                                             

• Title/Position at Organization.                                                                       

• Phone number.                                                                                                 

• Email address.

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