When is your next grant cycle?

Our grant cycles take place every year between March and June. For specific dates, please visit the Grants page of our website in March.

Do you have a specific funding focus?

No. We have a more holistic approach to funding and consider all organizations that align with our mission, are outwardly focused, and community driven.

My organization has received funding in the past, can we apply again?

Yes. However, we are (once again) prioritizing funding for organizations that have not yet received funding from us. During our 3-year Covid-19 Relief initiative (2020-2022), we did not prioritize funding for new organizations, but we’re back at it in 2023. As you can see on our Grantees page, we have supported many organizations more than once, though few have received multi-year funding.

Can I apply for a general operating grant?

Yes, many of our grants are for general operating support.

What’s the average size of a grant?

The average grant size varies each year. In 2022 the average grant size was $9,500.

What is your acceptance rate?

In 2022, we funded 55% of all applications received.

I’m an artist, can I apply for funding?

No. The Foundation cannot legally fund individual artists. To apply for funding, you must be an official representative, or staff member, of a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Do you fund outside of California?

Yes. While the majority of our funding supports organizations in California, we welcome and fund applicants from across the United States.

Do you consider applications for multi-year funding?

Yes. While the majority of our grants are for one year, we consider applications for multi-year funding. The success of an application for multi-year funding depends on the nature of the work proposed. A large number of our grantees have received funding more than one time, though few have received multi-year funding.

Can I speak with a Foundation employee before applying?

No. If you’ve read through our About, Grants, and FAQ pages, and still have specific questions, you may email them to Cascade via our Contact page. As the only employee of the Foundation, and part-time at that, she will do her best to answer your inquiry in a timely manner.